I’m Seeing Red

Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts

Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts exhibit, at the Folk Art Museum in New York City, is unfortunately over. This exhibit received a lot of great reviews and news coverage, but virtually every blog or web site I went to showed the same thing. They focused almost entirely on the drama and scale of the exhibit, but rarely showed any of the quilts up close. I appreciated the drama, but I really wanted to see the quilts.

As luck would have it, a couple of the members (Big Rig Quilting) of the QuiltGuy Yahoo group that I belong to, went to see the collection. Not only did they take 200+ photographss while at the exhibit (click on the link to see the photos), they also created three great videos that you can watch on Youtube. These photographs are the best I have seen of this amazing show, and because we are so close—I just had to share.

I know it’s nothing like being there, but it’s pretty close. Enjoy!


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4 Responses to “I’m Seeing Red”

  1. Geannine Ott Says:

    Tom – I knew I would love this show when I saw the postcard about it months ago. Just the way Thinc Designs set up the show was amazing. As you know; I love to play with small traditional blocks in repro fabrics so all that wonderful old red & white still has me drooling. A number of “friends” from the Jo Morton Yahoo group attended the show, and I first found out about it from a message Jo posted – now we are all just wondering how many red & white quilts will be made from the inspiration of this show. Thanks for the link to your friends’ site. FYI – If you have the hardware, i-phone, i-pad (makes me want to go buy one just for this app) & android have a download of the show that includes all the pictures & history. It’s on the museum website. It great to see but the small pictures on the phone just aren’t as nice as full screen. Now I’m just waiting for the book – it would be nice if it came with a CD – I can always hope.

  2. Tom Russell Says:

    Hi there, I had no idea the show was taking place until photos started popping up everywhere. Thinc Designs did an amazing job. They took exhibiting quilts to a whole new level.

    There were definitely a lot of drool-worthy quilts on display. The collection was amazing. 615 red and white quilts. What a treasure. Your friends are very lucky to have gotten to see it.

    I have an android phone, so maybe I’ll download the app. I’d love to know where some of these quilts came from. I hope they come out with a CD too. It would be an amazing reference tool.

    I think because of this exhibit, we will see quite a few red and white quilts appear on the scene. After seeing all the photos, I even thought about making one.

  3. Gari Says:

    The videos are great! I am SOOO drawn to redwork! I just LOVE it!!!! I can not imagine how breath taking that would be to see in person!!!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Gari, I love redwork too! I can only imagine how beautiful the show was. I’m sure it took your breath away. The people who created the exhibit should win many awards for its execution. They took the idea of showing off quilts to a whole new level. Glad you enjoyed it.

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