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Fabric Postcards by Nikki

Postcards From The Edge Today’s post is in honor of my friend Nikki, and to celebrate the expansion of her comfort zone.

This year Nikki challenged herself to try new things. She wanted to explore various aspects of quilting and try techniques that would push her out of her comfort zone. By looking at these amazing results, I think you will agree, Nikki has successfully met each and every challenge she set for herself.

Nikki has only been quilting for a short time and typically makes traditional repeat-pattern quilts. That’s why these tiny treasures are significant. They are Nikki’s original designs—and there’s nothing traditional about them. These petite pictorials are fabulous! I’m SO PROUD of her. That’s why I had to share them with you. I just couldn’t help myself.

R.S.V.P. Nikki is shy sometimes—so please feel free to gush over her. She may not appreciate all the attention—but I will.

P.S. Because of her commitment to try new things, my personal and quilting life are forever changed. Thanks Nikki!


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28 Responses to “You’ve Got Mail”

  1. Eileen Keane Says:

    Tom, please tell Nikki that she is definitely an artist! They are all unique and beautiful. Hope she keeps going.

    • Tom Says:

      HI Eileen, I agree. NIkki has done s super job with the postcards. You can clearly see that she working hard to expand her use of technique and explore her more artistic side.

      I won’t have to tell Nikki for you. She can read your comments herself. I know she will appreciate your enthusiasm.

  2. Nikki Says:

    Oh My Gosh – I am TOTALLY speechless – You are, without a doubt, the sweetest person that lives Tom Russell. I don’t know that I would have sent you these photos had I known what was up your sleeve. They look so pretty on this page – just blows me away! Thank you so much for all your kind words – but more – for the inspiration you foster and all the knowledge and talent you so freely share from your heart. I can only say how very honored I am to be able to call you my friend (Kathy too!) Nikki

    • Nikki Says:

      I have to add that four of these cards are based on or are in honor of my favorite artists’ exceptional talents – including my forever all time favorite artist – Tom (his Scrapbag Bouquet).

    • Tom Says:

      SURPRISE! You are too sweet. I didn’t plan to do a post when you sent me the first card. It was only after seeing the whole collection that I knew I had to do something.

      You have worked so hard, I think it deserves recognition, and by looking at the comments I seen so far, I think most people agree with me.

      My friend Kelly is so taken with your work, she’d love to have one of your pieces. If that isn’t confirmation, I don’t know what is.

      I’m so PROUD of you, I could bust!!!!

  3. jayardi Says:

    • • • I see a beautiful future for Nikki and all of us who get to witness her creations.

    If this is the same Nikki that joined my challenge, I am really looking forward to seeing what she does with those fabrics.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Jayardi, I see a very bright future for Nikki too. She may never send me another photo, but I’m positive she is going to be doing great things.

      Yes, she is the same Nikki that joined the Scraps to Treasures Challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with her fabric too.

      These postcards are a sure sign that her entry is gonna be special.

  4. Kelley Says:

    The Post Cards are beautiful. I bought 2 or 3 books and still have not made any, although I would like to. If she wants my address, I’d love to have one of hers. Thanks for sharing. She is talented. kd

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Kelley, I agree. They are beautiful. I know Nikki will appreciate your post and I’ll make sure she and you connect.

      It’s SO good to hear from you!!!

      Big hugs and kisses. Tom

  5. Analisa Says:

    wow they are gorgeous! great work!
    Analisa in Dubai

  6. Sharon Dixon Says:

    Nikki, your postcards are wonderful! I’m so impressed with your talent and originality.

  7. Kathy Colvin Says:

    Nikki, you have made a huge leap in your quilting life this year and the evidence is in! Your postcards are beautiful, fabulously original, and tell us all that you have a well of creative ideas that you can dip into for all your future projects. You don’t have to be limited by anything except the bounds of your imagination. I can’t wait to see where you go! I’m also thrilled that the world will now be able to see what I was lucky enough to see.

    a big “HI five” to you.. and a hug,

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi there, I agree. We will all be looking forward to seeing what Nikki comes up with next. It’s pretty evident that she is expanding her creative life by leaps and bounds.

  8. Jim Gatling Says:

    I love these post cards!!! Simply beautiful. Let me know if you need my address! LOL!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey you, I’ll definitely let Nikki know how to get in touch with you. Her postcards would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

  9. Dot Collins Says:

    I love the postcards, I love your writeup about her postcards, and I love Nikki and her work! Thanks for a sweet tribute to a good friend. As always, I love your posts! Thanks for doing them and keep them coming! Dot

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Dot, I was hoping to hear from you. Glad you liked the post. I wanted to keep is short—but heartfelt—so everyone could focus on Nikki’s beautiful work.

      I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when she sent me photos of her wonderful creations. I just wanted to reach through the computer and give her the biggest HUG I could.

      I am so proud of what she’s done and I couldn’t bear to keep it to myself.

  10. Clara Kosloff Says:

    Tom, The postcards are beautiful and beautifully displayed. They make me want to start quilting. Clara

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Well, hi there. What a complete surprise. Thanks for commenting on Nikki’s work. I agree, these amazing little creations inspiring in many ways.

      With your extensive sew background, I think you would be a wonderful quilter. You would have a ball quilting. Post cards like these are a great way to start.

      Let me know it you are interested in learning more about quilting.

  11. Nicki Says:

    So happy to see Nikki’s work being featured. Nikki and I have recently become friends and can’t wait to see more of her beautiful creaitons!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Nicki, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing her beautiful work. I have enjoyed bringing attention to her and what she has accomplished so far.

      Nikki is really starting to blossom creatively and I feel lucky to be able to have a ring-side seat to watch it happen.

      If Nikki is your friend, you are blessed. Trust me. She is a blessing to anyone who knows her.

  12. Nikki Says:

    I have to say – I’m very glad tomorrow is magic camera monday – but I want to thank Tom so very very much and all of you for your kind words and encouragement. Tom is right – this has been a year of big steps for me – maybe there will be more – but I couldn’t have done ANY of it without Dot – a friendship I truly cherish and a talent I respect beyond words. I learn something from her everytime I see her. Quilting and Dot have literally changed my life – thank you so much!!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Are you SERIOUS? Seeing people gush over you and your work has been the best experience EVER!!

      I am SO PROUD of you. You have made several big steps this year, but this is only the beginning—not the end. After everything you have accomplished, there is NO going back. You wouldn’t be happy if you tried. You are on a new path and you are going to continue to grow and change.

      This is a very exciting time for those of who know you. You have a SERIOUSLY BIG FAN CLUB and we are all excited to see what you are going to do next.

      Same here, and I couldn’t agree more. The combination of Dot and quilting will change your life.

  13. Karen E Overton Says:

    I’m behind in my reading but its so worth going back to posts that I missed.(thank goodness for email notifications!) I would have hated to have missed this fabulous show and tell – Nikki, I would love to see these in person next time you are in my area (hint hint HINT!). It’s time to throw away the shyness, girlfriend – you have MORE than arrived on the quilting scene! Best wishes for your continued growth in talent. Truly glad to say I know ya!

    And Tom, you are a true hero in the way you delight us with your discoveries and outlook on life. I love seeing things through your perspective. You truly challenge all of us to “think”, “create”, and “try new things”. But I think what I truly admire about you the most is your gift of encouragement and being such a positive influence – you are the best cheerleader/role model/quilter/talented/friend that I know. Now if some of that would just rub off……

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Karen, I know what you mean. It’s time for Nikki to shine. I’m so happy that she shared these wonderful creations with me. That way I could share them with the world. I’m SO PROUD of her.

      Thank you for your kind words, but the same could be said about you. You are talented and an inspiration to many. You give encouragement and support to numerous people. You are a shining example of what quilting is all about.

      You don’t need any of my ability. You have plenty of your own. 🙂

      • Nikki Says:

        My daughter wanted to see this page so I came back to send her the link and I saw this post and I just can’t tell you how much I agree with what you have said about Karen – she is truely another inspirational person in my life and I love her to pieces. Very very very talented lady – I’m always inspired when we leave her home and I am so happy for all the good things happening in her life this year – she has many many good things coming her way – can’t wait to see the new studio tomorrow!! I feel extremely blessed knowing all of you – and I can honestly say it’s one of the absolute all time best things that’s ever happened to me – quilting and meeting all of you and being lucky enough to have you in my life and better yet – me getting to be in all of your lives!!

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