Breaking The Jeanetic Code

Jeanetics: Unprepared, Uninhibited & Unrepentant

This series has been rated: 2 G 2 B T and D T T D
Parental discretion is advised.


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13 Responses to “Breaking The Jeanetic Code”

  1. Lynn Kelly Says:

    Ok, ok, OK! We want to see it!

  2. jayardi Says:

    • • • Let’s get on with it!

    Do you need more jeans for your experiments?

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Nope, I have plenty. 🙂

      I may need more later, but I’m good for now. Thanks for your offer of assistance. It’s sincerely appreciated.

  3. Eileen Keane Says:

    Come on, Russ!! The suspense is killing me!

  4. Geri Blanton Says:

    Sounds exciting. Hurry, hurry. I hope it gives me ideas to make a blue jean quilt. I have a request for one and I have never tried it before.

  5. Gari Says:

    I was suspicious of a computer glitch at my end as I received THREE of the jeanetics teases!! If I knew you better I’d tease back!! I LOVE how you teased us again with the next one. Can’t WAIT to see the flip side!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

  6. fiberdoodles Says:

    I know this is going to be good! Just so you know I’ve been suffering from heart palputations….and now….I’ve run out of pop corn. All this excitement is killing me ;0)

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sharon, you are too funny. If you don’t have popcorn, then I recommend chocolate. Chocolate always calms me, until it’s gone. I hate when it’s gone.

  7. Wendy Swears Says:

    Can someone tell me what Jeanetics is ? Is it about to happen or is it over already? Is it a challenge?

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