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Just A Little Wild: 3in. Block Showcase

Here you go, just like I promised. I’ve flipped over the 3-inch blocks and they are ready for your review. This is the first time in a LONG time that I’ve looked at them all together. They look pretty cool, don’t you think?

Just A Little Wild: 3in. Block Showcase_pt. 1

Just a few beauties to get us started. No two are alike.

I know I did these blocks, but I barely remember it. I feel like I’m seeing them for the first time.

Just A Little Wild: 3in. Block Showcase_pt. 2

Here are a more little lovelies.

There’s still a lot more stitching to do, but I’m pretty happy with the way they look at this point.

Just A Little Wild: 3in. Block Showcase_pt. 3

I LOVE the variety in this group. What's not to love?

I love the randomness and imperfection of each block. The designs are fresh and fun to look at, which is exactly what I’m going for.

Just A Little Wild: 3in. Block Showcase_pt. 4

A few more to show off before we're through.

These little blocks are filled with memories. I remember where I got each and every piece of fabric.

Just A Little Wild: 3in. Block Showcase_pt. 5

These little beauties round out the show.

Well, that’s it for this little show. I’d love to say that I’ve shown you ALL the 3-inch blocks—but I haven’t.

You see, there are eight blocks that have moved on to the decorative embroidery stage, which means I can’t show them to you now. Sorry, but that’s the rules. You’ll just have to wait for the next reveal to see them.

I know . . . I know . . . I’m being a tease again. I just can’t help it. Rules are rules.

Oh my . . . what’s with that face?

Come on now. . . don’t be sad. You know I hate it when you give me that sad face.

What I can do to make this up to you? Don’t be shy . . . just tell me.

I considered showing you the larger blocks—because there are a TON of them—but I was afraid you’d get bored and lose interest. (Boy, these blocks are pretty. Yes, indeed. They sure are pretty.) After the whole jeanetics thing, I need to be more careful about teasing. (Wow, these big blocks really are something.) I don’t want to upset you again. I know you hate it when I tell you about something and then not show it  (Man, these blocks are so cool and they’re all different—Wow!) I’ve definitely learned my lesson.

Yessiree bob. I’ve learned my lesson.

I MUST find something new to show you. (Visualize me pondering.)

Hmmmm, I could show you my dynamic collection of manila file folders or my stunning assortment of oversized paperclips. I LOVE these ideas, but something still doesn’t feel right. I know what I’ll do! I’ll show you my breathtaking array of glue sticks and my extensive stockpile of rubberbands. Then I’ll show you my treasury of  . . .

(Visualize me continuing to ramble for another 10 minutes.)  

I’ve got it! . . . I’ve got it! . . . I’ll show you my . . . Oh never mind, I’ll think of something.

I’m obviously drawing a blank here, so if you can think of anything you’d like to see—please let me know.


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21 Responses to “3’s Company”

  1. Margo Says:

    How ’bout showin’ us how you store your stash??? 😎

  2. Geri Blanton Says:

    What a beautiful flower garden with a little yard art thrown in.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Geri. Thanks for dropping in. Glad you enjoyed the show. Hope you are doing something fun this July 4th weekend.

      I’m going to stay inside and work on some applique. 🙂

  3. Brenda Wall Says:

    Oh please don’t waste your time fretting, just get on with the stitching. Fretting takes up too much energy. I would hate to have to choose which block I like better. They are all so unique. Thanks for sharing.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Oh Brenda, You are a dear. I’d give you a big hug if you were handy. Being 500 miles away, makes it a little harder, so here’s a cyber ((( hug ))) for you.

      I can’t pick a favorite either. Thank goodness I don’t have to. I can enjoy them equally.

      Have a great weekend.

  4. Nikki Says:

    I LOVE these little blocks – 3″ – wow – so small – so when you were telling that lady about the floss – two strands for the little blocks and three for the big ones (how big are the big blocks?) – do you do all those buttonhole stitches by hand? they all look so perfect! I see beads, buttons and shiney things in your future!!

    So show us the big blocks – we promise we WILL NOT be bored.
    and you’re still teasing………..

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Nikki, Yes, three inches is pretty small. This size created some challenges, but I enjoy that kind of thing.

      Great floss question. Okay, there’s the breakdown.

      1. Larger applique pieces have three strands of floss. Three strands are used for the big focal elements.
      2. Small applique pieces such as berries and stems get two strands of floss.

      I use the three strands for create emphasis. The larger pieces can also handle the weight of the thread. Three strands would overwhelm the tiny berries.

      I’ll do a post showing a few really close up shots, so you can see the difference. It’s amazing how one strand of thread can change how something looks.

      The buttonhole stitch is done by hand. It’s a take-along project, so it has to be very portable. I really love handwork and this project has been a blast because of that. The quality of my buttonhole stitch and also improved, which is a great side effect.

      You’re right. There are lots of beads, buttons and sequins on the way. This is only the foundation for what comes later.

      Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to see.

  5. Norma Fortner Says:

    I love the blocks and appreciate the way you have put your work together. Thank you for sharing. It gives me a new distention for my quilts.

  6. Eileen Keane Says:

    got any more Sharon Schamber posts you could put up? I know that would placate me. :0

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Eileen, I will look through my files, but I’m pretty sure I showed you everything I have. Don’t feel bad though.

      I’m going to the IQA show in Long Beach and she’ll be there. She’s always working on something, so maybe she’ll share it with me, so I can share it with you.

  7. Eileen Keane Says:

    I like Margo’s idea-got some pics of your sewing studio?

  8. jayardi Says:

    • • • You know what I want to see. ; )

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey you. Yes, I know. I’ll try to get pictures of it to post. I looked at it again yesterday. I REALLY need to finish it—because it’s screaming to beads, buttons and other shiny things.

  9. fiberdoodles Says:

    Oh these are so darling! Such dainty little blocks!! And I’m so impressed you remember where each piece of fabric came from ~ man you’re good! It’s like Christmas each time I go digging thru my stash ;0)

    What’s next? huh, huh, huh???

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi there, I have a very good visual memory. I suck at remembering names, but I remember fabric. That’s why these scrappy quilts are so important to me. They are bits and pieces of my quilting life, all in one place.

      These fabrics span my entire quilting life. When I look at them, I can reflect on how far I have come as a quilter. Incorporating these old fabrics into a new quilt, brings everything full circle.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      What’s next? You’ll see. I”m working on it now.

  10. Pat Says:

    OK, you are not the only psychic around. I see a book in your future and I don’t mean a 3-inch one. How about “Quilt Shows Through The Eyes of Tom’s Magic Camera” with comments (entertaining of course) by magic Tom and a few 3-inch patterns thrown in? Or another one “Wake Up Little Susie” with a study of (drum roll) very very different SunBonnet Sue’s. Shut my mouth 🙂

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Pat, You are too sweet and very funny. I haven’t thought about a book for this project, but I may consider it, depending on how well this turns out.

      Oh, you are a funny funny woman. I can’t imagine doing a book on Sunbonnet Sue, but then again, I never imagined I’d be quilting either. So, who knows what the universe has in store for me. I guess we’ll both have to wait and see what comes next.

      Thanks you brightening my day!

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