The Joy Of 6

Joy Of 6: 6in. Scrap Fusible Block Showcase

Here’s another group of blocks for you to see. These beauties are 6×6-inches and I really had a blast working on them.

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.2

The increased size made them a lot easier to handle. 3-inch blocks are great to look at, but not that easy to stitch.

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.3

More room . . . means more details.

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.4

More details . . . means more fun now—and later.

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.5

The decorative embroidery stage is going to take these blocks to a whole new level. You can almost see it, can you?

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.6

Quilting comes next. Quilting isn’t my favorite part of the quilt making process, but I’m actually looking forward to it this time.

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.7

I’ve been thinking about how to approach it for a while, but haven’t made any final design decisions. I could quilt each block with a separate design or I could create a larger design that incorporates several blocks.

What about a design that incorporates the whole quilt? Hmmmm . . . decisions . . . decisions.

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.8

I  haven’t made up my mind about quilting thread either. I could use a variegated or a solid color thread. There are benefits and drawbacks to either choice.

I could use one thread color throughout or I could change the color with each block. What to do? . . . What to do?

The Joy Of 6: 6in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.9

After I’ve finished the quilting, I think my beads, buttons and sequins are going to be happy to call this quilt home.

Well, this show has come to a close.

Please let me know what you think about the blocks. While you at it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’d quilt this wild thang.

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18 Responses to “The Joy Of 6”

  1. Margo Says:

    WWKD??? 😉

  2. Dot Collins Says:

    I love all the blocks! I love the buttonhole stitching!! I love the shapes that come from using the “leftovers” from cutting out other fusible shapes!!!! I love how you pull all of them together and I know I am going to love the finished quilt!!!!! You know me – I would quilt mainly echoing the wonderful shapes but throwing a feather or two in occasionally to add a different texture and something else for the viewer to see!! Thanks for ALL OF YOUR POSTS! Dot

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Dot, Thanks for you kind words. As usual, you bring a smile to my face. I like your quilting ideas. The suggestion I find most intriguing, is the mention of something special thrown in.

      That’s what I think will make this quilt interesting. I love the idea of hiding things in the quilting. Now I need to figure out what those hidden things will be. Thank goodness I have a little time to figure it out before I start quilting.

  3. jayardi Says:

    • • • They all look Fabulous! I too have difficulty deciding what to quilt on mine, but for some reason, I see other quilts and have an idea right away. Although, your blocks aren’t together yet, I’m thinking a bit of echoing like Dot said, but then I think McTavishing to fill in the rest would really add more flavor to it.

    Just my two cents.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi there, You are not alone. I can offer quilting suggestions to other people all the time, but I draw a blank when it comes to my own work. I think it’s because I’m too close to the work.

      I also don’t quilt often enough, so it makes it hard to visualize what the quilting will look like. Visualizing quilting is definitely a skill. The only way to get better at it, is to do it.

      The project is supposed to help me with this problem. I hope that by the time I’m through with the quilting I will be better able to visualize how the finished piece will look.

      Every great quilter I know, plans the quilting while they design project. That way the know what they are going to do when the time comes. I’m just not there yet. Hopefully I will be there one day.

  4. Lynn Kelly Says:

    I’m just learning here Tom. Watching you, listening to how you balance, color, shape, hue…… makes me realize that sometimes I know I want to move something or change something, but I don’t have words to accompany that desire. You do! I see some ‘expected’ echo quilting but then out of the blue, something wild for that ‘wild thang!’ I know it’ll be perfect. That I know for sure. It’s a ‘good thing.’ tee hee

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Lynn, I’m glad you have found these posts helpful. Everyone knows when something isn’t right visually. They just lack the vocabulary to say why. If you feel something is wrong or needs to be moved, you should follow your instincts.

      There are a lot of talented people who don’t know the words, but listen to their gut as they make decisions. Follow your gut and you will be successful. You will also be happier.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence.

  5. Carol Anderson Says:

    I’ve loved these blocks since I saw you working on them oh so long ago.

    I’m with Jayardi on the McTavishing. That was exactly my thought when I was looking at them grouped like this.

    However, whatever you do, I know it’s going to absolutely stupendous.


    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Carol, I’m pretty slow, so every project seems to take a while for me to complete. I’m almost to the half-way point on this one and I’m only a couple of months behind schedule, so I’m feeling pretty good at this point. If I can start quilting by September, I’ll be thrilled.

      Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

  6. Robin Says:

    Your blocks are wonderful. So cheerful and fun!! You are inspiring me — I can feel the creative juices flowing already!! Thank you!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Robin, I’m glad you have enjoyed looking at the blocks. They’ve been a lot of fun to work on. Some more-so than others.

      This stage of the process is important from a construction standpoint, but isn’t very exciting. The buttonhole adds texture and a bit of interest, but the decorative embroidery stage is going to pull everything together.

      The decorative embroidery is where a lot of the fun will come it. It’ll also be a faster process because there will be less to do, but the impact will be far greater.

      I’m really looking forward to showing you the next stage.

  7. Jim Gatling Says:

    I simply LOVE these. I, also, like using up my leftover scraps of fuse. This week in Tulsa I made a scrappy top out of a Moda jelly roll. It didn’t sing and after I saw this post I fused all the leftover scraps and am now putting appliques in the corners. Thanks for posting. You da MAN!!!!!!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi there, Another top? Is that number 34 or 35 for this year? I don’t know how you do it. I’ll look forward to seeing this new one on your blog.

      I hope you had a great time in Tulsa.

  8. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl Says:

    Tom, I’ve loving all these blocks. The color combinations you use are outstanding. And, as we all know, color and texture make a quilt. I’ve done very little applique but found it quite easy to do. Now, on to a project.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sue, I’m glad you like the blocks. The key to this quilts success is the right background fabric. Picking the right fabric makes all the difference.

      Applique is pretty easy. I really don’t know why so many people avoid it. It’s easier to do than a lot of piecing is. I find applique very therapeutic. The world tends to melt away when I do hand work.

  9. Thearica Burroughs Says:

    Hi Tom! I have my granddaughter here with me for a month so my blog reading has been at a minimum. I was excited to see the in-progress quilt photos!! They are awesome and I am impatiently waiting to see them all bedazzled with your embellishing!

    I think Nicole Webb should quilt this one for you and do her Garden Branching! She is fabulous with freehand!!!

    BTW?? What is up with the jeans? Curious Scorpio minds want to know. ha!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Thearica, Congratulations on getting to spend time with your granddaughter. Spending time with her is far more important than reading a blog. The blog will be there when you are ready to read it,

      You have no idea how happy I am to be at this stage. I didn’t think it would ever get here. Once this stage is through, the quilt should move along a little faster. I still have lots to do before the bedazzling can begin, but I’m looking forward to that stage too.

      Nicole’s quilting is nice, but I think I’ll do this one myself.

      I’ll be telling you about the jeans project soon, so stay tuned.

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