Be 9

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase Opener

Happy 4th Of July! Here’s the last installment in my little show-n-tell. These are the 9×9-inch blocks.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.1

I think these are my favorite, but then again, I say that every time I show you a new set of blocks.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.2

The thing I like most about these blocks is the illusion of depth created by layering the elements.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.4

I LOVE how the veins flow in and out, around the main flower. This dimension adds a lot of interest to the block.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.5

The yellow flowers in this block are kinda weird-looking, but I still like them. The thing I like most about them, is how the buttonhole stitch looks around the edges. That ridge of stitching is SO cool.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.6

I don’t have much to say here. I think the block speaks for itself. I LOVE the yellow bubbles/berries/flower. I’m not sure what it is. It just felt like the right thing to add when I put the block together. The movement adds so much to the look of the block.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.7

I can’t wait to embellish this one. It’s simple, but loaded with potential.

Be 9: 9in. Fusible Scrap Block Showcase_pt.8

This concludes today’s show. Hope you enjoyed my little block party.

I do have a question for you. Of all the blocks I’ve shown you, which set do you like them most?

P.S. I haven’t forgotten Magic Camera Monday, so stay tuned.


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16 Responses to “Be 9”

  1. jayardi Says:

    • • • It’s really hard to decide. They all have such interesting elements. Especially the dots, they just add so much more character to each one.

    Hard to believe you have all that stitching done already. Thank you for sharing!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Thanks Jayardi. I’m glad the choice is too hard to make. That means they are all pretty equal. I LOVE dots too. They are an important design element for holding this quilt together,

      It’s kinda hard for me to believe too. I have three blocks left, then all the buttonholing will be complete. Boy, I’m looking forward to that.

      You probably won’t believe this, but I’d have finished these blocks sooner, if I’d used needleturn applique. There would have been less stitches to make. I know. I can see the surprise on your face.

      Fusible is supposed to be a faster applique method. Maybe it is faster for some people, but not for me. This was one of the many lessons this project taught me.

  2. Eileen Keane Says:

    I like them all but I do favor larger blocks so I guess the 9 inch would be my favorite. Are we going to see any of them in a quilt?

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Eileen, All of these blocks go in the same quilt. In April I did a post named A Walk On The Wild Side. If you go to that post, you will see some of the blocks I’ve shown you this weekend and read about how the project started.

      If you go to the very bottom of this post, you will see a photo of the complete quilt—well, sorta complete. It’s really just the base layout, but it will let you see where I’m going with this project.

      Check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  3. Debby Says:

    I like this last set the best. I agree that the bubbles/flowers add needed movement to the blocks.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Debby, Thanks. I like this set a lot too. For me, it’s a little hard to decide which set is my favorite. I have narrowed it down to the 6-inch and 9-inch blocks.

      Both have great things happening in them and each provides me with a lot of opportunity to embellish. I guess I should be happy that I don’t really have to make a choice. I get to use them both.

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it!

  4. Lynn Kelly Says:

    Oh, Tom! You do know how to excite the creative mind! I can just feel my adrenalin pumping when I look at these blocks and the detail and the buttonhole stitches around.

    What is your brain doing while you are stitching? Music? TV? Conversation with other or self? Just curious. I listen to audio books quite a bit (checked out free from library)…..or Diane Rhem on NPR or Science Friday or “Wait, wait, don’t tell me” on NPR. Or maybe quilting shows but they require ‘eyes’ to watch and if I’m stitching I might not have eyes available.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Lynn, I’m glad to hear that your creative juices are starting to flow because of this little show and tell. It makes all the effort worth while.

      What do I do while I’m stitching? I watch television mostly, but I can hold a conversation and stitch too. I’ve taken this project to several locations for sit and sew days. I just need good lighting and a comfy chair and I’m ready to go.

      I have to concentrate while I stitch to maintain consistency, so I try to watch shows that don’t require me to look at them. I mostly listen. If I hear something interesting I can look up.

      When I like a movie I can watch it over and over and over and over again. This way the movie is more company than entertainment. I use movies to keep track of the time I’ve spent sewing.

      Some days I can sew for 2 movies, other days, I can sew for 4 or more movies. Some of my favorite movies, I’ve seen at least 30 times. When I like them, I REALLY like them.

  5. Shannon Young Says:

    If I had just a smidgen of your talent!!!!! I love the circles/bubbles that graduate in size. Seeing your work is so inspiring/uplifting. :-). Have a great 4th!!!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Shannon, I know you have more than a smidgen of talent—way MORE! Glad you enjoyed the show. Hope you had a great 4th too!

  6. Margo Says:

    I am still blown away by all that buttonhole stitching BY HAND!!! I’m especially lovin’ your scaled, graduated dots. They do add wonderful movement. My DH says his favorite color is “bright shiny objects”, so I have a feeling he is going to want to see these when they are all embellished! You GO dude!! 😎

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Margo, Yep, it’s all by hand. That’s one of the reasons I showed the back of the blocks. I LOVE the buttonhole stitch!

      I think bright and shiny is one of my favorite colors too. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  7. Kelley Says:

    It’s hard to pick just one. I love them all. I don’t have them all together to compare each one, but I do like the tulips and daisies.
    and all of the circles in them. Can’t wait until you embellish them.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Kelly, I know, it’s hard to pick when you can’t see them all together.

      I’m looking forward to embellishing these blocks too. These blocks are really asking for special treatment and I’m gonna give it to them.

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s always great to hear from you.

  8. Brenda Wall Says:

    NOT a fair question. I love them all. But if “you” make me choose, I loved the 6 inch ones. But please, please don’t make me choose.

  9. Carla Says:

    Sorry but I can’t choose…. I love them all but I guess if you really want an answer I’ll go for the 9″. I love the colors in all and the flow of the vines. Can’t say enough except you are good.

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