Pulitzer Photo Finish

I’ve been flooded with questions—not really—about the retouched photo in my last post. Since the photo I posted looked flawless, many people were curious about the original image and asked if I could explain my approach to retouching.

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought the best way to answer these questions is to do a simple side-by-side comparison. Since my blog has horizontal space limitations, I have decided to do a top-to-bottom comparison instead.

If you scroll slowly back and forth, you should be able to see the subtle differences between the two images. I urge you to scroll slowly. Some enhancements are very subtle and could be easily be overlooked. Other changes are a little more obvious.

As I mentioned earlier, I always use restraint when it comes to retouching, so don’t be surprised—or feel bad—if you can’t immediately see the differences between the two images.

Remember . . . I’m a professional and have been doing this type of photographic slight-of-hand for years.

Let’s first look at the retouched image . . .

Him and Her Retouched_pt1

Now let’s take a look at the original.

Him and Her before retouching_pt2

See . . . the retouching is very subtle.

If you look closely—I mean REALLY closely—you should be able to see the differences between the two. Take your time. There’s no need to rush. (If you need me to point out the differences, just let me know.)

It takes years of working in Photoshop to achieve this level of retouching ability. Many will consider my skills masterful, but I’m not one to brag. Some people might say the changes weren’t worth the effort, but I’ll  let you decide that is true or not.

FYI: I’m finally back home. No more safe house and dial-up internet connection for me. The threat level has been lowered to orange, so I’m semi-safe at the moment.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for more. I’m going to wrap the story up in the next couple of posts.

Oh yeah . . . before I go . . . if you have questions about retouching let me know.


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12 Responses to “Pulitzer Photo Finish”

  1. Mike Kelley Says:

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see them at the quilt show.

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Mike, I’m glad that you enjoyed side-by-side comparison. I’m looking forward to seeing Ricky and Alex too.

  2. Kathy Colvin Says:

    You work magic with your retouching. Glad you are out of hiding!

    • Tom Says:

      Thanks for the compliment. It’s the little tweaks that make all he difference. I’m happy to be out of hiding too.

  3. Penny Says:

    Brawh ha ha ha ha!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Penny, Glad you enjoyed the side-by-side comparison. I had fun doing it. I know the tweaks were minor, but the impact far exceeded the effort.

  4. Thearica Burroughs Says:

    Well I know who to come to next time I need a photo retouched! 🙂

    Waiting and watching….

  5. Kim / SeeingStars Says:

    Baahaaaahaaaaa! We’re glad you’re a pro. I’m still trying to coax a decent photo out of my camera.

    • Tom Says:

      Hi KIm, Glad you enjoyed the post. Some days I can’t coax a photo out of my camera either. Yesterday was one of those days.

      I know if I keep at it I’ll get better, but this learning curve is really starting to get on my nerves.

  6. jayardi Says:

    • • • I thought the artist’s rendering was dead on.

    Glad to hear you are home again and safer.

    • Tom Says:

      Hi Jayardi, Thanks. I thought the renderings came out surprisingly well. I don’t usually do portraits, so they were a stretch for me.

      I’m glad to be home too. I thought being in a safe house would be more fun. It was kind of a let down. 🙂

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