Can You Solve My Pulitzer Problem?

I love solving problems, don’t you?

Yea! I figured you did. You and I are so alike—no wonder we’re BFFs.

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve come up with a simple math problem and I want to see if you can solve it.

Are you ready?

Here we go . . . .

Two trains are leaving the station at the same time. One train is traveling at 60 mph. The other train is . . . Doh!

Sorry about that. I don’t know where that problem came from. I hope I didn’t scare you.

Okay . . . Are you ready? You are? Yea!

Before we begin, how about a little music to help get us in the mood. I recommend the following soundtracks: Jeopardy and Match Game. This music really makes problem solving fun. Trust me. I’ve seen it on TV.

Now that you have the proper background music, here’s the problem . . .

Him and Her before retouching_pt2

Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson

Plus Sign

October 2010

Plus Sign
International Quilt Festival

Plus Sign

Tom's Head

Plus Sign

3 Of Tom's Quilts

Equal Sign
Well? Have you solved the problem?


Okay, here’s a hint . . .

Tom Tom at The Quilt Show booth, Houston_2010

Me doing a little show and tell in The Quilt Show booth.

Well . . . How about now?

Come on. This is a pretty big hint.

Still not enough?

Okay, here’s another one.

The Quilt Show Logo

Have you figured it out yet?

You have? Yea! I knew you could do it!

That’s right. I’m going to be on an episode of The Quilt Show. I filmed a short segment after Festival and it will be airing this Fall. Soon as I get an exact date, I’ll let you know.

The Quilt Show Web Site Banner
I had a blast filming my segment and spending time in The Quilt Show booth. I also got to meet a lot of wonderful people (Hi Margo! Hi Shelly!).

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, this happened . . .


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13 Responses to “Can You Solve My Pulitzer Problem?”

  1. Amanda Gilmore Says:

    . . . I learned I just won the “Qoolest Quilter” award!

  2. Nikki Brackin Says:

    you deserve a WHOLE show to yourself………..

  3. Robin Says:

    Tom, according to The Quilt Show episode list, your program airs October 10! Can’t wait!

  4. Shannon Young Says:

    Happy dance!!! You are such a rock star! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your episode.

  5. Jayardi Says:

    • • • Good thing I have a free episode reserved. Can’t wait to see it.

    Way to Go Tom !

  6. Mike Kelley Says:


  7. jessica Says:

    One episode won’t be enough though… I suggest a Series!

  8. Dot Collins Says:

    YEA!! How exciting! you are already a superstar but now more people are going to know that! I am excited for you. Dot

  9. Brenda Wall Says:

    Well who better than you to do this and with such “royal” quilters. Congrats. You are a rising star!!!!! Hugs. I can say I knew you when.

  10. Kelley Says:

    how exciting. I don’t want to miss it. is this a 1 time show
    or are there going to be more….just wondering.

  11. Carol Ann Wilbourn Says:

    Oh Tom! I am so proud of you! I always knew you would go farther!
    You’ll have your own show one day, and remember – you got it here first. Love you, CAW

  12. quilterlynnLynn Kelly Says:

    Yep! Life’s a trip!

  13. Clara Kosloff Says:

    Congratulations, Tom, Be sure to let me know when it airs. Can’t wait to see your beautiful quilts. Aunt Clara

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