Magic Camera Monday: December 5, 2011

Magic Camera Donut: Glazed Donut Group

Magic Camera Monday: Multicolor Sprinkles Donut

Magic Camera Monday: Strawberry Glazed Donut

Magic Camera Monday: Coconut and Sprinkle Donuts

Magic Camera Monday: Coconut Close Up

Magic Camera Monday: Cinnamon Roll and Eclair

Magic Camera Monday: Eclair Close Up_2

Magic Camera Monday: Old Fashioned Donut Close Up

Magic Camera Monday: Old Fashioned Donut Group

Magic Camera Monday: Jelly and Eclair Open Donut Stack

Magic Camera Monday: Jelly Donut Close Up


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65 Responses to “Magic Camera Monday: December 5, 2011”

  1. eileenkny Says:

    DECADENT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kathycolvi Says:

    Nailed it with decadent! OH yummmm!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey there, Decadent and so worth all the effort we went through to shoot them.

      Oh, the sacrifices I have to make to create engaging photographs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. deniece Says:

    THAT doesn’t look like Scrambled Eggs and Steel Cut Oats! My gall bladder hurts JUST looking at that!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi there, I had the scrambled eggs and oats after I finished eating the donuts. I planned to photograph them too, but needed to take a nap after I ate everything.

  4. Patricia Eaton Says:

    Tom, it’s a good thing photos don’t have calories!!! These photos are just gorgeous and point out exactly why people are attracted to sweets…..since, as they say, we ‘eat with our eyes.’ You have a wonderful Monday!!!!! pat

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sweetie, I’m glad you enjoyed the donuts. If you could gain calories from looking at the pictures, I’d need some serious diet intervention.

      I love sweets of any kind, but I seriously love donuts. Whenever I make the mistake of going into a donut shop, this is usually what I come away withโ€”except I don’t photograph the evidence.

  5. Brenda Wall Says:

    Well that was a diabetic coma! LOL Did you eat all of them?

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Brenda, No comas, but serious sugar rushes were felt all day long.

      Yes, I ate almost all of them. I had a helper and she had 2. What can I say, I LOVE donuts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Pat Says:

    Since I haven’t had a donut in about 12 years, they look quite enticing. Dunkin D should buy these!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Oh Pat, I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine life without donuts.

      Just thinking about those little fluffy rings of dough brings me a smile to my face.

      We need to get together soon, so I can hook you up with my donut maker. He’ll show you what you’ve been missing these last 12 years.

  7. Judy Murrah Says:

    Oh, my gosh. Be still my heart and will power. Yum-yum.

  8. Sherry Says:

    That was awfully sweet of you to serve all of us breakfast in bed! (sorta) I do-nut know what we did to deserve it. Who ate the apple fritter before it got its photo op?

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sherry, I am glad you appreciated my breakfast offering. It was just a little something sweet to start the week with.

      You deserved it because we’re friends. That’s the only reason I needed.

      Oh, the apple fritter has a wardrobe malfunction before the shoot. I can’t go into the details, but they were delicious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. barbara Says:

    they look so so good.

  10. grapeskystudio Says:

    OMG – you’re killing me!!!!

  11. Lynn Kelly Says:

    Can you say diabetic coma? ha Oh, yes, the photos are divine! ha ha

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Lynn, Glad you enjoyed the donuts. It was a lot of fun shooting them, but I had more fun eating them afterwards.

      No coma, but a definite sugar rush for the rest of the day.

  12. Judy B Says:

    Well, you’re to blame for my next five pounds!

  13. Kelley Davis Says:

    I just gained 10 lbs. Oh, they look so good.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Kelly, They were great fresh-made donuts. You would have loved them. Thank goodness you can’t gain weight from looking at a photo, or I’d be in real trouble too.

  14. JoAnn Says:

    Totally unfair. I am watching calories til Christmas Eve and then it is a free for all…..don’t get in my way.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi JoAnn, Christmas is right around the corner, so make sure you add donuts to the list. I’d hate for you to miss out of something as wonderful as this.

  15. Jim Gatling Says:

    I’m licking the monitor screen! Well, those aren’t on my diet!!! I have to weigh in today and have to pass the doughnut shop on the way!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!! LOL! Wonderful Pictures!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Jim, Donuts are not in my normal eating regime, but I needed a great subject from Magic Camera Monday. Since I enjoy photographing things I love, donuts were a natural.

      Be strong. Your goal is within reach. Oh, and be sure to clean your computer screen or some will wonder what you’ve been doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Nikki Brackin Says:

    did you eat all those donuts by yourself? (oink oink oink ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL!
    actually – I hope you did – and do – every day – you need to gain some weight!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jeff Strang Says:

    Wow, love it…. I see you got close enough to take a bite out of a couple!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey Jeff, I got close enough to bite more than a couple. There was nothing left but flakes of sugar on the plate after I was finished with the shoot.

      Oh, how wonderful it would be if all my shoots ended so sweetly.

  18. Pat Martin Says:

    You really make me smile!
    Pat M

  19. KathyE Says:


  20. Jayardi Says:

    โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข That’s just downright mean. Now I am REALLY hungry!

  21. shawkl Says:

    you are so right j…let’s go get him! and as I live just a block from the local donut shop…i’m really in trouble!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Well, if you are all planning on coming over to get me, let’s meet at the donut shop beforehand. Then we can come back to the house for a day of sewing and donut eating.

      Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Oh, and we can finish the day with cheesecake or ice cream. Yum.

  22. Clara Kosloff Says:

    YUM! The next time you choose such a delicious looking subject, feel free to invite me to halp you dispose of the props. Aunt Clara

    Great shots.

  23. Jackie S Says:

    Sorry about that last plate, I just couldn’t help myself ;o) ( the good thing about those
    “0” calories !!!

  24. Amy D Says:

    YUM!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!!!!!!!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Amy, I’m glad you enjoyed the donuts and I appreciate the birthday acknowledgment. Yep, it’s right around the corner. I can’t wait until it gets here. I’ve waited a long time for this day to come.

  25. Jackie Says:

    I’m hungry now…tell the truth did you eat any of them. I have to say they look so good right now.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Jackie, I could never lie to you. Yes, I ate the whole magically delicious dozen. Now the question is . . . Does that make you feel better or worse?

  26. Carol Anderson Says:

    Egads, I gained 5 pounds just looking at this one!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Carol, You must have seriously enjoyed looking at the photos. Maybe you should grab a cup of coffee and relax.

      It’s great to hear from you!

  27. Linda Teddlie Minton Says:

    Oh Tom, this is just cruel! Now I have to leave my house (in my ratty old sweatpants) and hunt down a Dunkin’ Donuts. (Beautiful pictures!)

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi there, I’m sure the donut shops are used to the seeing these emergency runs.

      Don’t worry about the wardrobe either. In a crisis situation you need to take care of situation first and worry about your attire later.

      Besides, donuts taste better in comfy clothesโ€”trust me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Janet Stone Says:

    I can’t beleive no one has mentioned all the EMBELLISHMENTS on those there donuts!! yummmeeeee!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Janet, Oh yes, these donuts were embellished and oh so yummy. I recommend you go to the donut shop any time you need inspiration.

      Every time I go there, I’m inspired. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Barbara Says:

    Well Thanks Tom! Here I sit at 1:36 a.m. in LG TX where NOTHING is open and I’ve drooled all down the front of my flannel PJ’s. ๐Ÿ™‚ The photos are awesome…especially the one of the Long John with the custard filling. Sweet (haha) dreams for me!
    Hugs my friend!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Barbara, I’m sorry about messing up the front of your pajamas, but I couldn’t help it. What are you doing up at 1:36?

      Oh my goodness, that’s early. Were you up playing around with your new embroidery machine?

      The Long John was so amazing and delicious that I felt like I needed to smoke a cigarette after I ate it.

      Oh I LOVE donuts . . . almost as much as I love cheesecake.

  30. Beth Brubaker Says:

    I have a wheat allergy so I can’t eat ’em, but I swear I just gained five pounds just LOOKING at these! Great pics! I really need to take some of my own and stick them on my blog too!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Beth, Glad you stopped by. Sorry to hear about your allergies, but I guess that leaves more donuts for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Photographing and eating donuts for your blog sounds like a great idea to me. Oh . . . sorry about that. I got carried away.

      • Beth Brubaker Says:

        Oh, I still bake stuff- my homemade artisan bread rocks! But I just can’t eat it! Ah, but the smell of bread baking, the crackle of the crust, and slatheringa still-hot slice with melted butter (for my husband)…Hmm…I think I just came up with what I’ll take pics of! LOL!

  31. Marta Amundson Says:

    What camera did you use for the donut shots and did you use the macro ( flower icon ) setting or shoot from a greater distance with the telephoto? We have been having some out of focus issues with our attempts at close-ups and could use some advice. Thanks.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Marta, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I use a Fuji Finepix. It’s an all-in-one camera. They don’t make the exact model I have any longer. They have upgraded it to have a greater optical zoom capacity.

      The newer version is called a Fuji Finepix S4000 14MP 30X. The camera has a lot of great features, but the micro and supermacro lenses are my favorites.

      I can get so close to the subject that my camera lens will touch it and still stay in focus. Telephoto lens are not good for close ups.

      There are a variety of reasons you can get fuzzy photos. You may be getting closer to the subject than your camera lens can accomodate. You may not have adequate lighting. You may be moving. Each of these issues can cause blurred or soft images.

      If I were having this problem, I would set up a series of tests to see when this issue occurs. You can contact me at and I’ll help you solve your problem if I can.

  32. Georgia Moncada Says:

    Great photos! No calories, but my imagination is even happier – guilt free!
    I made two quilts of drunkard’s path blocks, all in polka dots like sprinkles on donuts…. no wonder they were so fun!

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