Magic Camera Monday: March 26, 2012

Magic Camera Monday: Rosebud

Magic Camera Monday: Oleander Blossoms

Magic Camera Monday: Rose Bush Leaves

Magic Camera Monday: Alyssum, Snow Crystals

Magic Camera Monday: Bell Pepper Blossom

Magic Camera Monday: Oleander Plant

Magic Camera Monday: Lantana

Magic Camera Monday: Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar

Magic Camera Monday: Mexican Heather

Magic Camera Monday: Yellow Pear Tomato

Magic Camera Monday: Hens And Chicks Blossom


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19 Responses to “Magic Camera Monday: March 26, 2012”

  1. Sharon Kisel Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Spring is in full bloom here and everyday it is a new adventure of discovery of which plants made it through the winter and are coming back. My gradual move from annual to perennial plants the last few years has made the adventure even more exciting. Enjoy the season!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sharon, It’s the same way here. Each morning is full of surprises. Thank goodness I enjoy closeup photography. It always makes a big deal out of very little.

      In some cases, the bloom I shot was the only bloom I had. HA! More are on the way, I can feel it.

      I only plant perennials. I enjoy doing the work, but I don’t enjoy spending the money over an over again for the same spot. Perennials are the best! Besides the savings, I get to see my favorite plants return again and again. Each time getting bigger and better. That is, if I don’t kill them in the growing process.

      I’m not much of a gardener, but I’m learning. So far, everything is doing really well, but it hasn’t started getting hot yet and we have had plenty of rain. I will remain hopeful that my brownish-green thumb continues to get greener. πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. deb Says:

    LOL…that caterpillar (love its coloring!) looks like it has an “engine” on both ends! ;-D

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey Deb, It’s that caterpillar cool? The first time I saw one (a couple of weeks ago) I killed it, because it was eating one of my plants. As soon as I killed it, I knew I had made a mistake.

      I had an immediate knowing that this was a very special caterpillar, so I got on the computer to confirm what I thought and I was correct in my assumption. I should have let the little guy eat my plant.

      For a whole week I checked my plants to see if more caterpillars would show up and none did. I guess word got out in the caterpillar community that Tom’s garden is off limits.

      Much to my surprise and delight, the caterpillars have returned to my garden. My apologizing to the Universe for my mistake must have done the trick, because my poor plants have numerous caterpillars eating on them nowβ€”and I couldn’t be happier.

      You see, this wonderful little caterpillar is a Monarch Butterfly in the making. I am so EXCITED I can hardly stand it.

      I am not only growing herbs, vegetables and flowers in my garden, I’m growing butterflies!!! Yipppeee!!!!

  3. Wendy Drew Says:

    Have you been to Wndseed Farms somewhere near you? A friend of mine went last weekend and took some beautiful pix. You would be in hog heaven with your camera.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Wendy, No, I haven’t been to Windseed Farms, but I checked them out as soon as I saw your comment. It looks like a wonderful place.

      It’s so funny that you sent the note about them because I am going to be in Fredericksburg in a few weeks. Now that I’ve seen their web site, I think they will definitely be on the day’s agenda.

      It looks like an amazing place and I agree, the Magic Camera and I are going to LOVE it there.

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know about this magical place!

  4. jayardi Says:

    β€’ β€’ β€’ Thanks for the glimpse of sunshine. Our temperatures dropped drastically today. Great photos again, how did you get that caterpillar to pose so nice?

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey you! I’m glad I could bring a little sunshine into your life. Our temps just keep getting better. We have temps in the 80s, but there is no humidity, so it is fantastic.

      Each week that passes leaves me in awe. This is perfect weather.

      Oh, I had to be very quiet to get his picture. I think he was sleeping. I shot this picture very early in the morning and I think caterpillars are late risers, because they need their beauty sleep. πŸ™‚

  5. Cyn Strang Says:

    Love the catapiller! So cute and the flowers and plants are so beautiful!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Cyn! Isn’t he the cutest? I’m so happy he and a few of his friends have decided to call my garden home. He’s a Monarch Butterfly in transition. I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of the magical creature.

      My garden is just beginning to bloom. I am so excited!!! My peppers are starting to bloom and so are my tomatoes. YIPPEEE!!!

      The inclusion of vegetables and herbs into my garden is all because of you. So, these photos and those like them wouldn’t be possible without your influence and inspiration. Thank you for providing such wonderful inspiration and support.


      • Cyn Strang Says:

        Aww I am honored. My friend has teen sons. Friday they are coming over to help me get the whole yard in line. I can’t wait to share my garden news with you this season! I am planting watermelon this year for Jeff!

        Good luck with your garden! I’m excited for you! Dry your herbs upside down, the flavor is amazing! I plan to really get mine going. The sweet basil and thyme are back already!


  6. Clara Kosloff Says:

    Tom, Your flowers and folage. So nice to look at your work. Aunt Clara

  7. JudyB Says:

    All the pic that come up when one clicks on a pic, did you take those too? We need to go to the zoo!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey Judy,

      No, I didn’t take the pictures that show up when you click on the Magic Camera photo. I provide these links to show people what the plant should/would/could look like. That way they can learn more about the plant if they want to.

      I think a trip to the zoo would be a lot of fun. We’ll have to plan a date to go.

  8. Carol Ann Wilbourn Says:

    Hey Tom,
    I think the flowers are beautiful – but, I love the worm! I’m so happy you got a shot of him – wonder what he will be when he is transformed?
    I hope to see you in Paducah!
    Love you,

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Carol Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed the flowers. My garden is starting to bloom and I’m very excited to see how things grow this year, especially since I have been spending more time taking care fo the plants, instead of making them fend for themselves.

      Photographing the flowers at the nursery is always great, but being able to shoot at home is even better.

      The little caterpillar is a Monarch Butterfly in the making. I have one plant in my garden that they appear to love and they are loving it to pieces. I hope it survives their transition.

      It will be very gratifying to know that I can grew butterflies as well as flowers in this year’s garden. I plan to track their progress so we will see how good I am at growing butterflies. πŸ™‚

      Regarding Paducah, Unfortunately no. I not able to make it there this year. I’ve decided to go to the IQA show in Cincinnati instead. I can’t do two big shows in the same month. I’ll miss seeing you and the other members of the League of Extraordinary Quilters, but I know you will have a fantastic time.

      I will look forward to reading your blog after the trip. I’m sure you will have many great stories to tell.

  9. Carla Says:

    I thought, OH TOM, you just killed a soon to be Monarch Butterfly. Glad others returned. Sometime soon you’ll probably see the chrysalis. Think I spelled that right and the process of the butterfly breaking out. It’s the coolist thing. We had some for a couple of years and then nothing. ;o(

    Did you know that the Monarch only lives like 6-8 weeks until the 4th generation is born and they live 6-8 months.

    Enjoyed your pictures. You’re such the little gardner and now you’ll have butterflies. ;o)

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Carla, I was quite distraught over killing the sweet little caterpillar and am so grateful that others came back. I actually have almost a dozen on my plants.

      I’m very excited to see them evolve. I know nothing about the butterfly, but am learning quickly. This new information makes what’s happening even more special. Thanks for sharing.

      I’m can’t begin to tell you how happy these caterpillars have made me. Watching them grow is like waiting for Christmas day. It’s very exciting.

      I’m sure they are annoyed at me. I’m always out there taking pictures of them while they are eating. I’m sure they are concerned with how they look and would prefer I let them eat in peace.

      Oh, this is fun. I’m a BUTTERFLY gardener. Yippeee!!

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