Magic Camera Monday: May 7, 2012

Magic Camera Monday: Day Lily Pair 1

Magic Camera Monday: Day Lily Pair 3

Magic Camera Monday: Blubine

Magic Camera Monday: Red Ginger 2

Magic Camera Monday: Red Ginger 1

Magic Camera Monday: Sweet 100 Tomato 2

Magic Camera Monday: Sweet 100 Tomato 1

Magic Camera Monday: Bell Pepper


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20 Responses to “Magic Camera Monday: May 7, 2012”

  1. kathy Says:

    Oh My Goodness! you have ‘maters and peppers! How scrumptious is that!

    I think there needs to be a freezer in your future!

    Love you!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey there! Yep, maters and peppers are almost ready to harvest. By the looks of things, I am definitely gonna need a freezer. I’ll never be able to eat all the maters I have on the vine.

      What a fun adventure this is. Woo Hoo, I’m a farmer! πŸ™‚

  2. jayardi Says:

    β€’ β€’ β€’ Your photos just keep getting better and better. Each one a work of art. I may need to reproduce a couple of those. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Jayardi, Thanks you are to kind. I am flattered that my photos have inspired you to create something. If you need me to send the photo for better reference, please let me know.

      Hope you have a wonderful and creative day! xxxooo πŸ™‚

  3. Clara Kosloff Says:

    Tom, it’s wonderful the way you find beauty in everyday life. I enjoy looking at your art. Aunt Clara

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Clara, Today is all we have, so I constantly find beauty in it. Once you start looking for the beauty in little things, your world opens up in ways you could never imagine.

      The nice part about this blog is I get to share the little things in my world with everyone. That becomes a gift to me and makes looking for and appreciating the little things, even more special.

      Thank you for your generous and thoughtful comments. Have a wonderful day.

      • Clara Kosloff Says:

        Tom, Have been reading the other comments. I don’t ever remember seeing you in overalls. Don’t kow if yur mother would have allowed it. Aunt Clara

        • Tom Russell Says:

          Hi Clara, Oh yes, I had overalls even in my 20s. I had a white pair that I loved dearly. They were the perfect accessory for showing off a hard earned tan.

          You are correct. Mom didn’t approve of the overalls, but what was she gonna doβ€”I was an adult, more of lessβ€”so she’d just shake her head and we’d make our way to the checkout.

  4. Cyn Strang Says:

    Yay! Red tomatoes AND a green pepper! Fabulous! Farmer Tom, you are doing quite well! Xoxo we love you!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Cyn, Yep maters and peppers are almost ripe. Vittles are about ready for harvesting. Yippeee!!!

      Yep, I think I’m getting closer to being a farmer. So far this year, I have grown flowers, herbs, butterflies and now vegetables. I can hardly believe it when I look at all this stuff.

      Life is pretty amazing and with this garden, I get to see miracles unfold, each and every day.

      My love to you and Jeff. xxxooo πŸ™‚

      • Cyn Strang Says:

        Jeff wants to know if you have overalls, straw hat and piece of straw to chew on yet??? πŸ˜€

        • Tom Russell Says:

          No, I don’t have any of those things yet, but I actually thought about buying some overalls yesterday. Don’t know where they sell them, but I think I need a pair.

          I wore them a lot as a kid. They’re very roomy and comfortable. A perfect outfit for an up and coming farmer, like myself. πŸ™‚

          Now the big decision is, do I wear shoes or not?

          Hmmmmm. Have to think that one over. Wish I had some straw to chew on as I mull this situation over. πŸ™‚

          • quilterlynn Says:

            I know we all have a history Tom, but I don’t see you hayseeding barefoot and chewing a piece of straw.

            • Tom Russell Says:

              Oh Lynn, do I have history. Before all the glitz and glamour of quilting, I was just a barefoot kid from rural Arkansas. Now I have to admit, I’m not much for chewing on straw, but the visual sure adds a lot to the story.

  5. quilterlynn Says:

    No! Not tomatoes and peppers this early! It’s a short space between admiration and killer jealously Tom!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Lynn, Oh yes, maters and peppers this early. I have tons of tomatoes on the vine and have been not so patiently waiting for them to get ripe.

      This weekend the first tomatoes started to turn. I am overjoyed with this and I don’t even like tomatoes. I have two tomato plants, a Sweet 100 and a Yellow Pear. They are loaded with fruit and I am not sure what I will do with it all, but am anxious to figure it out.

      There’s no need to be jealous, I am sure you are a mighty gardener and have a bountiful harvest coming your way. Your comment did make me smile and I am thankful for that.

      I hope you have an exceptionally wonderful day!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi! Cousin. I’ll bring the lettuce and we can have a salad!!! Oh, I will bring some dressing too. If you haven’t tried it you need to get Kraft’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing. It is yummy.

    Love the photos. I saw your Mom, Sunday afternoon at Sue’s visitation. She looked so pretty. It was good to see and talk to her.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Linda, That sounds like a great idea. My veggies should be ready for harvest in the next week or two, so we’ll have to set a dinner date.

      The dressing sounds yummy. I’ll check it out the next time I’m at the grocery store.

      Yep, mom is going great and getting stronger every day. She has never been happier and it shines like a beacon to anyone who sees her. Life is amazingly good and she knows it.

      She said she enjoyed your visit. It’s always great to hear from you.

      Hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. Carla Says:

    Oh wow tomatoes. Yummy. I’m gonna miss our little crop of tomatoes. Next year David says he’s gonna be ready to plant. Hope so. Our bell peppers never did so well maybe at the new place we’ll have better luck.
    Later gator

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Carla, Aren’t the tomatoes wonderful? This is my first year to plant something besides flowers, so I chose tomatoes, herbs and bell peppers.

      I don’t care for tomatoes really, but I thought I should try my hand at growing them. Who knows, I may end up liking them by the end of the season.

      My peppers are doing okay for now, so we will see how well they do as the season heats up.

      This is all just a glorious adventure, so whatever happens is going to be great. If I have a freezer full of stuff, fantastic. If I have more green material to add to the compost pile fantastic. It’s a win-win no matter what.

      I hope your new place is perfect for creating a bountiful harvest.

      Have a fantastic day!

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