Magic Camera Monday: May 28, 2012

Magic Camera Monday: Mandevilla

Magic Camera Monday: Shasta Daisy 3

Magic Camera Monday: Shasta Daisy 2

Magic Camera Monday: Shasta Daisy 1

Magic Camera Monday: Agapanthus 2

Magic Camera Monday: Agapanthus Close Up

Magic Camera Monday: Agapanthus 1

Magic Camera Monday: Hens and Chicks

Magic Camera Monday: Mystery Plant 1

Do any of you know what this plant is?

Magic Camera Monday: Red Banana Tree 2

Magic Camera Monday: Red Banana Tree 1

Magic Camera Monday: Rosebud

Magic Camera Monday: Rosebud Red Leaves

Magic Camera Monday: Rose Waterdrops 1

Magic Camera Monday: Dewdrop On Rose Leaf 1

Magic Camera Monday: Rose Waterdrops 2

Magic Camera Monday: Dewdrop On Rose Leaf 2

Magic Camera Monday: Mexican Petunia and Blowfish

Magic Camera Monday: Mexican Petunia and Blowfish 3

Magic Camera Monday: Mexican Petunia and Blowfish 2

Magic Camera Monday: Sweet 100 Tomato Bunch

Magic Camera Monday: Lantana Bud

Magic Camera Monday: Lantana Blossom

Magic Camera Monday: Mystery Plant 2

Do any of you know what this plant is?

Magic Camera Monday: Ixora Maui Sunset

Magic Camera Monday: Mint

Magic Camera Monday: Esperanza 2

Magic Camera Monday: Elephant Ear 2

Magic Camera Monday: Esperanza 1

Magic Camera Monday: Elephant Ear 1

Magic Camera Monday: Blood Flower 3

Magic Camera Monday: Blood Flower 2

Magic Camera Monday: Blood Flower 1

Magic Camera Monday: Dill Seeds

Sorry I haven’t been posting these last two weeks, but the new job has kept me fabulously busy. Although I have been busy, I’m still taking photos and gathering ideas for what I plan to tell you about next.

There is so much to tell and so little time, I hardly know where to begin. Before I can share any of this news with my BFFs, I’ll have to sit still long enough to write about it, which is where the problem lies. For the next couple of weeks my posts are going to be a little erratic as I adjust to my new schedule. What can I say? I suck. 🙂

Anyway . . . because I am WAY behind schedule on my posts, I am giving you an extended Memorial Weekend Magic Camera Monday on Sunday. Enjoy these photos at your leisure as I prepare for more exciting, engaging and oh so unbelievably cool newsworthy posts.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hope you enjoyed the show and have a love and laughter-filled weekend. TTFN


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12 Responses to “Magic Camera Monday: May 28, 2012”

  1. Sharon Kisel Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pics. Hey, we understand how busy you are right now. We are quilters and have LOTS to do while we patiently wait. No rush – we’ll be here.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sharon, Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed a tour of my garden. I am having a blast at my new occupation and can only see it getting better and better.

      As it gets better and more manageable there will be lots of opportunities to blog about my adventures—which I am really looking forward to doing.

      I appreciate your patience and your unwavering support. Thanks for commenting. It’s always great to hear from you.

      Have a fabulous day!

  2. jayardi Says:

    • • • We totally understand and thank you very much for the extras this week. All of your photos are fabulous. Those leaves are really cool and the beaded water is fantastical!

    Glad to hear the job is going well. Once you settle in, we’ll be right here waiting for you.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Jayardi! Thanks for your encouragement and support. I knew my BFFs would understand my lack of posting better than anyone. I LOVE my BFFs for that reason and SO MANY others.

      Aren’t those dew drops amazing? I just happened to be looking for things to photograph because it was such a glorious day and as I came around the corner to check out the rose bush the sun rose high enough for me to notice those delicate drops on the leaves. They were magical and amazing to photograph. I was even more delighted to see the actual images on my computer screen.

      I love that Magic Camera because it makes me look like I know what I’m doing. 🙂

      It’s always great to hear from you. Have a FABULOUS day!

      xxxooo 🙂

  3. Lynn Kelly Says:

    I’m headed over to Katy to raid your ‘mater patch! Lovely photos!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey Lynn, You are too funny. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this glorious morning. You are welcome to come over any time to enjoy a mater.

      I have never grown vegetables and maters have been a blast to watch. Each day brings more and more entertainment as they bear fruit. I am like an expectant parent watch them turn from green to red. When I get the opportunity to pick one, I am elated.

      I know what your thinking . . . “He needs to get a life, if he finds picking maters entertaining.” Ha! You may be right, but I’m a simple man and picking maters is simply wonderful.

      Hope you have a fantastic day. Thanks for dropping by to check out my garden.

  4. Wendy Says:

    I am pretty sure the white plant is a spider lily – the green looks like some kind of rhododendron maybe?

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Wendy! Thanks for identifying one of the plants. I checked out photos of the Spider Lily and that I what I have. I picked this magnificient plant and the other one up at a yard sale for $5.

      The previous owner couldn’t tell me what either plant was, but assured me they bloomed either white or yellow. The Lily is obviously white and the other plant is a tree and it is supposed to have yellow blooms.

      I have no clue what it is, but it’s not a rhododendron. It has amazing leaves that fold up similar to a prayer plant. The little tree is fabulous and I can live for a while without knowing what it is, but I am anxious to find out more about it.

      The lady I got it from said it wouldn’t get that tall, but I’m not sure she knows. She adored plants, but sometimes doesn’t know a thing about them. I am not that kind of gardener. I like to know what’s in my garden and LOVE learning about the plants I have.

      Again, THANKS for identifying my Lily. I am ecstatic to learn that I have acquired such a beauty and will savor each moment I get to share with it. I think my garden will be overjoyed to learn about its newest member.

      Hope you have a love and laughter-filled day!

      • Wendy Says:

        I love to know all the plants I see and the birds! I learned the spider lily on a recent magical trip to Kauaii for my 40th anniversary! If you love plants, you must put the garden isle on your list of places to visit.

  5. georgann Says:

    We knew this job would lead to “no good.!!” Just so long as you are having fun. We all love your blog and the pictures.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Georgann, Thanks for making me smile. You don’t have to worry about me having fun. I am having a blast and meeting lots of wonderful people at each store I visit.

      This job is going to be one of the greatest adventures I’ve been on in a while. I am anxious to see where it takes me.

      Soon as I get in the groove of things, I’ll be sharing some of these adventures with you.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a fantastic day!

  6. Carla Says:

    How rude the job is taking you away from us. Hmph. LOL. So glad to hear you’re enjoying the new job
    The pictures that intridge me this time is what I think to be a canna lily leaft (purple and green) and the rose bud. And Goldie peeking out from behind the flowers made me giggle. Cute.
    I guess if I must I will wait patiently for each post then again I am 5 day behind in reading all my blogs. Until next time. Hugs

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