Magic Camera Monday: June 11, 2012

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 4

Magic Camera Monday: Daughter 1

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 3

Magic Camera Monday: Crazy

Magic Camera Monday: Mother Earth BOM 2

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 1

Magic Camera Monday: Wool Flower 2

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 5

Magic Camera Monday: Tropical Fish

Magic Camera Monday: YoYo Flowers

Magic Camera Monday: Stars

Magic Camera Monday: Stamped Flower 2

Magic Camera Monday: Snowman 2

Magic Camera Monday: Rosette 1

Magic Camera Monday: Pink Wildflower 2

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 8

Magic Camera Monday: Wool Pumpkins 2

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 6

Magic Camera Monday: Maple Leaf 3

Magic Camera Monday: Pincushion 2

Magic Camera Monday: Kite

Magic Camera Monday: Crayon Vase 2

Magic Camera Monday: Sunbonnet Sue 3

Magic Camera Monday: Miniature Christmas Sweater

Magic Camera Monday: Granddaughter 1

Magic Camera Monday: Cockscomb 2

Magic Camera Monday: Baskets 2

Magic Camera Monday: Dot My Forever Friend

Hello Everybody!

Today’s post was brought to you by my extremely talented and generous friend, Dot Collins of Port Neches, Texas. Dot is an outstanding teacher and lecturer, as well as a prolific quilter. Going to her studio is a lot like going to Santa’s Workshop. Many of us dream about doing such a magical thing, but few get the opportunity to do so.

When you walk around her studio, there is something amazing to see around each and every corner and tucked into every nook an cranny. It is a breathtaking experience for any creative person, especially a quilter, so I thought I’d spend a little time this weekend photographing a few of the marvelous things that fill her studio.

If you would like to see more images from this incredible sanctuary, then click on any of the photos above or click here.

I hope you enjoyed the trip to Dot’s studio as much as I did. If she ever offers to let you visit her studio—jump on the opportunity—and make a beeline for the door. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Dot, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and cherished each and every moment. I hope you enjoy seeing your studio through my eyes. Thanks for everything. xxxooo 🙂


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25 Responses to “Magic Camera Monday: June 11, 2012”

  1. Nikki Brackin Says:

    I wholeheartidly agree!!! (and it was great seeing you there!)

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Nikki! When I was thinking of how I was going to describe Dot’s studio, the only parallel I could come up with was Santa’s Workshop. I’m glad that you agree with my statement.

      Seeing you and having a little time to visit made my trip even more special. It was a wonderfully grand evening of sharing and laughter and I will treasure those memories forever.

      I want to let you know that the embroidery tote is FABULOUS! I can’t believe I have been given such a magnificent gift. You are TOO KIND and I am in awe of your generosity.

      I have placed the tote next to my Fusible Scrap Leftover project and will be making the transfer of floss as soon as I have a minute. My floss and hoops are going to love their new home and each time I work on this project I will be thinking of you.

      You are a blessing to me. xxxooo 🙂

  2. Eddie Landreth Says:

    Wow, what a feast of stuff for the eyes! Thanks, Tom, for letting us visit Dot’s studio with you. Fantastic!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Eddie, Yes, Dot’s studio is amazing. It’s legendary in fact. I don’t know a quilter who’s ever been there that is not awestruck, by the amazing space and the wonderful things that fill it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the brief tour. It’s always great to hear from you.

  3. Sharie - Moss Bluff Says:

    I have had the pleasure of seeing Dot’s studio. It is an amazing place and she is an amazing person. I always enjoy Dot’s company. I live over across the TX border in Louisiana near to Lake Charles. Now and then I get to visit with her. Now, that I think of it, I met you in 2011 at Paducah. We all ate at that terrific restaurant. There must have been about 18/20 of us that night. If you get to Lousiaina, stop by and say hi.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Sharie, Isn’t Dot the greatest? It’s no surprise that her studio is as wonderful as she is and both are a joy to behold.

      Yes, you are correct. We met in Paducah at a dinner attended by many members of the League of Extraordinary Quilters. It was a fabulous evening filled with wonderful memories.

      I was in Louisiana, just last week, but will be heading that way again soon. While I was there, I spoke with the Program Chair of one of the guilds in Lake Charles about doing a program and a workshop.

      We haven’t discussed the details yet, but I think I am going to be back in Lake Charles in the not to distant future. Yippee!

      Hopefully while I am there, we can have a chance to visit again.

      Have a wonderful day and thanks for dropping by to leave a comment.

  4. Tretta Morvant Says:

    I have been to Dot’s studio before, but I saw it in a new perspective thru your pictures. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Tretta, Dot’s studio is amazing and for me, a visual feast. I could spend days photographing all the wonderfulness that fills her creative space.

      I’m glad to hear that my photographs brought to light the beauty and creativity that is overflowing in that room.

      The wonders in that room are unending and amazing to behold. All it takes is a little effort to see it and once you start seeing the beauty, there is no end to it.

      As always, thanks for dropping by to comment. I appreciate hearing from you.

  5. deniece Says:

    I absolutely love all the images… Dot, love love love your stuff!

  6. deniece Says:

    I love the felt lady! I could look at it all day!

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi again! Isn’t the portrait great? It looks wonderful now and she hasn’t even started stitching. I know her threadwork will take this fabulous piece to an even more exciting level and once she adds her elaborate quilting, it will be a breathtaking.

      I’ll be looking for this piece in the winners circle at the next Beaumont show.

      xxxooo 🙂

  7. Delia Lopez Says:

    What a wonderful tour of great talent! Absolutely love the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Delia, It’s so good to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed the brief tour of Dot’s studio. She is a great talent, no doubt about it.

      Thanks for commenting. Hope you have a fabulous day!

  8. Jayardi Says:

    • • • Glad to see you get to get out and play once in a while. Although I haven’t met Dot in person, I feel as if I know her a whole lot more now. Thank you for sharing her wonderful work with us.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hey Jayardi, I play and work at the same time. So far, this new job has offered me many opportunities—like this one—to play and be out and about at the same time.

      Visiting Dot and making calls on stores is like having your cake and eating it too.

      You would love Dot and I will look forward to the day I get to introduce you to her. She is a delight and you will fall in love with her, like the rest of us do.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Maybe one day, I’ll have the opportunity to showcase you and your work for everyone to see.

      Mmmmm, that will be a fun day for me. xxxooo 🙂

  9. Dot Collins Says:

    Tom. I really enjoyed our short visits too. It was great to see you. Thanks for making the studio look so great! See you soon. Dot

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Dot!!! I had such a great time with visiting and sharing with you. Thank goodness I will have many opportunities to do so again in the future.

      It brought me great pleasure to show you how I see your wonderful work and your amazing space.

      You are an inspiration to us all. Love you lots! xxxooo 🙂

  10. Cyn Strang Says:

    Love the pincushions! Actually, loved every one of the shots.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Cyn, Thanks! Aren’t they fabulous? Dot says she has a whole collection of them, so I hope to shoot more of them on my next visit. Yippeee!

      Glad you enjoyed the show. I had a blast taking the photos. It was a magical experience, like most of my encounters with Dot.

      Thanks for dropping. Love to you and Jeff. xxxooo 🙂

  11. Jim Gatling Says:

    Oh, Tom! Dot is so talented. I am so jealous!! I love EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! I think this is what heaven looks like.

    • Tom Russell Says:

      Hi Jim, I agree on all counts. This is exactly what heaven looks like, and the best part is that we will all have studios like Dot’s when we get there. Yippeee!!!

      Like your studio, Dot’s is filled with love and creativity. Photographing environments like this is easy in one way, hard in another. The easy part is finding things to photograph. The hard part is trying to convey ALL the beauty and magic that surrounds you. It is a fantastic challenge and no matter how many photos I take, it still doesn’t cover all that I see. Environments like yours and Dot’s need to be experienced, because photos can only give the viewer a glimpse of the visual feast that awaits them when they arrive at such as space.

      I will be looking forward to sharing your amazing space with my readers on day. xxxooo 🙂

  12. Carla Says:

    oooo I saw some amazing things in your pictures. It was an ooo and ahhh moment. Thanks for sharing Dot.

  13. Dot Collins Says:

    I was traveling when I sent that comment from my phone and was not sure that it went through. glad to see that it did! I too enjoyed your visit and the short times that we could chat. thank you for making the studio look interesting instead of messy! that is real talent! Also, you featured lots of little quilts made by friends that I have on display in the studio – so thanks for their wonderful work too! Quilters are so lucky – we have each other as friends!! Hope to see you again soon.

  14. charlotte ralston Says:

    Just found your blog, though a friend, Jim Gatling. I love your work, and looking forward to more to come. Thanks a lot!

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