Magic Camera Monday (Wednesday): July 4, 2012

Magic Camera Monday: Silk Ribbon Pillow By Pat Eaton

Magic Camera Monday: Beads

Magic Camera Monday: Yo-Yos

Magic Camera Monday: Yarn

Magic Camera Monday: Thread

Magic Camera Monday: Trimmings From Squaring Up Fabric

Magic Camera Monday: Sketchbook

Magic Camera Monday: Silk Flowers

Magic Camera Monday: Ravelings From Washing Fabric

Magic Camera Monday: Sequins

Magic Camera Monday: Scissors

Magic Camera Monday: Rulers and Templates

Magic Camera Monday: Rick Rack

Magic Camera Monday: Plaster Sun

Magic Camera Monday: Pin Cushions

Magic Camera Monday: Perle Cotton Balls

Magic Camera Monday: Perle Cotton

Magic Camera Monday: Faux Pearls

\Magic Camera Monday: Old Necklaces

Magic Camera Monday: Needles

Magic Camera Monday: Gift From Jim Gating & Bird Houses

Magic Camera Monday: Fringe & Embellishments

Magic Camera Monday: Fringe

Magic Camera Monday: Glue & Starch

Magic Camera Monday: Fancy Fabrics

Magic Camera Monday: Cotton Fabrics

Magic Camera Monday: Button Tubes
Magic Camera Monday: Button Jars

Magic Camera Monday: Ribbon

Magic Camera Monday: Broaches

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19 Responses to “Magic Camera Monday (Wednesday): July 4, 2012”

  1. Norma Fortner Says:

    Yes, yes… your pictures tell the story.. How awesome!

  2. Linda Poullard Says:


  3. Joanna Says:

    Congrats on your Quilt Show appearance. You did a great job. It was very inspiring and informative. Your personality came through. Big things are coming your way. Enjoy the ride. You make us Houston proud!

  4. Patricia Eaton Says:

    Tom, I’m so proud of you….and as predicted long ago….your star is rising! Isn’t it exciting? And, today, you’ve taken me back a few years, showing my stitching amongst all your lovely stash of ‘ingredients.’ May you enjoy all these things as you create from that wonderful sketchbook I love so. ENJOY yourself, my friend, pat

  5. jayardi Says:

    • • • Now that’s a lot of embellishments and such an array of color. How do you ever decide what to use?

  6. Anne Barber Says:

    I love all the new toys! I wanta play….giggles…..

  7. Jackie Says:

    Love looking at all your treasures, just wondering is your sewing room nice and tidy a place for most things or are there things all over the place? I’m just wondering how you store everything. I’ve always liked looking at trinkets and sparkles ( I think I was born in the wrong year and should have been in the years where sequins where on everything)

  8. Sherry Says:

    These pics got my blood pumping this morning better than the coffee did! Thanks for letting me in your sewing room! (?). What pretties!

  9. barbequilter Says:

    Tom, I’ve been a fan, starting with Sparkling Vases offered through Simply Quilts in 2004. I would love to have you come to my guild to lecture about and teach what you do during our 2014-15 program year. We’re planning ahead! We meet in a suburb west of Chicago. How do I contact you to negotiate?

  10. debbie Says:

    Mr. Russell, Wow, I have admired your work since I saw you on simply quilts!!!!!!!!!!! Your work blows me away, always has. Today, I saw you on the Quilt Show, I have been a member since the beginning and I can tell you for me, it was the best and the most informative yet. Okay I will stop drooling, but even your magic pictures make me drool!!! Wow!!! Debbie

  11. kathy Says:

    Tom – your pics are just dazzling and exciting and inspiring – thanks for all of it – evey bit. Love all you do! Everything!

  12. KathyE Says:

    Love the pictures! I can’t wait to see what you put together with all of them. Now, there is a challenge. You succeed in inspiring us.

  13. Donna Chapman Says:

    Loved your appearance on The Quilt Show….where can I find the triangle tin to pour beads with? Thanks for your help.

  14. Karen A. Says:

    I love your pics and can see quilts in every one! I also so enjoyed you on The Quilt Show and your work is amazing. Your explanations were so clear and you made it so much fun. Joy. It really does say it all.

  15. Cyn Strang Says:

    What a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors! Love it! I was just thinking that you need more glue, though…. 🙂 as always, such fun photos. Love to you from our little corner of the mountains!

  16. Dana Doerfler Says:

    Just watched you on The Quilt Show and would LOVE to have you come to our guild in the St. Louis area! Please contact me via email if you are interested. The show was fantastic!

  17. Carla Says:

    Oh all the colors, the sparkle and oh the creativity. I can just imagine all the pretties you’ll create with those embellishments. Did I mention I really enjoyed your Segment on The Quilt Show. ;o)

  18. Carolyn Loewen Says:

    Just getting to know your work after viewing your segment on the Quilt Show. Thanks for the inspiration! I was looking for more information. No book yet? Any suggestions? Loving all the ideas on this blog! Thank you, from Toronto!

  19. Shelley Serby Says:

    Hi, Was wondering if you could email me about guild presentations and workshops? There are 2 guilds that would like some information. Thanks, Shelley

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