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Me and the Peeps Hit the Road

February 23, 2012

La Grange Road Trip

This is just a quick heads up to let you know that me and the Peeps are heading to La Grange tomorrow for the Best Little Quilt Show in Texas, sponsored by the Colorado Valley Quilt Guild. This show is a must-see in my book, so we (me and the Peeps) are going to see it.

The show is Fab-ooh and so are the ladies who put in on. I can hardly wait to see all of their wonderful smiling faces and be embraced by their generous hugs. Man, I love quilt shows! Oh, and there are quilts to see too—can’t forget that.

Going to La Grange is like going to see family—you know, the imaginary kind of family—like they used to have on TV before Roseanne showed the world what real families were like.

The La Grange Guild is the kind of family that is loving, supportive, funny, talented, generous and delightful to spend time with. Yeah, the La Grange guild is like family—the imaginary kind—so I’m looking forward to seeing all of them again.

Beyond the fabulousness of the quilt show, there is another important show the Peeps and I plan to attend. It is the Lone Stars III exhibit at the Texas Quilt Museum, where my quilt Just Sing . . . Sing a Song is on display.

Oh . . . tomorrow is going to be an exciting and glorious day!

The Peeps and I are ready for another magical adventure and are looking forward to seeing you in La Grange!