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Okay Thru 12

February 16, 2012

12x12in. Block Opener

Lookie Here! I bet you thought I forgot about this project didn’t you?
Come on, admit it. You’ve laid awake many a night wondering if you were ever going to see it again.

Well, today I am ending your restless slumber, because I have the last blocks of my fusible scrap quilt to share. The blocks below are 12×12-in. and the one above is 9×12-in.

I started working on these blocks at the same time Bill started getting seriously ill. I would work on them sporadically as I sat in the hospital room. I found rhythmically stitching the buttonhole stitch was therapeutic and mildly distracting as I focused on blocks and not on my diagnosis worries.

As Bill’s condition worsened my attention focused on and more on him, so I stuck these blocks in the closest knowing that I would continue working on them as soon as Bill came home. As most of you know, Bill never came home.

12x12in. Block 1

To help ease the pain of my loss, I started stitching again. Some days, I would barely stitch an inch before I put the project way. Other days, I might stitch for an hour or longer and eventually, inch-by-buttonholed-inch the blocks were complete.

I would take them and sew with special friends, but mostly it would be just me, the needle and my thoughts of Bill.

12x12in. Block 2

Focusing on the buttonhole stitch was easier than focusing on my troubles or pain. These blocks are the most elaborate of the bunch, so there was a lot of buttonholing and focusing going on.

I finished these beauties before I came home from my trip to Tennessee and Arkansas in October. The only reason I haven’t shared them with you is because I wasn’t ready. Now I am. Yippee for you! You can finally sleep!

12x12in. Block 3

Now that the buttonhole stitch-work is complete, I am ready to add the next layer of interest to these blocks. Yipppeee for me! I can hardly sleep just thinking about it!

If you think these blocks are fun to look at now, you are really gonna love what I do to them next. I could give you all the delicious details, but that would spoil the surprise—and I know how much you love surprises—so stay tuned.

For those of you who want to read about this project in its entirety, you can start here. If you just want to see the other blocks, then click on the following links:

If you want to see what the quilt is sorta, kinda, in a general sense, that may be changed at any stage in the process is gonna look like, then you can click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Well, that’s it for the larger blocks. Feel free to let me know what you think about them, the project, my sanity or anything else that’s on your mind—just don’t ask me about what I’m going to do next—because it is a surprise.