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Mail Call

August 13, 2011

Laverne And Shiny: A Match Made In Heaven

I’m sure that you’ve already figured out by now, that I’ve received another package from my mom (I just love her.) and Bill (my stepdad).

Usually when mom (I just love her.) tells me she has a package ready to send, I respond by saying . . .“Thanks Mom. No rush. Take your time.” I say this because I know the package won’t arrive immediately, but when it does, it’ll be filled with wonderful things and definitely be worth the wait. This time though, our package conversation went slightly different.

Early Wednesday morning I get a call from mom (We usually talk in the afternoon, and did I happen to mention that I just love her?). She enthusiastically tells me that she and Bill have just finished packing the box and will be mailing it this afternoon. The package should arrive at my house on Friday. Oh, and instead of just one package, there will be two. Bye . . . Love you . . . Mom.

I ended our conversation with my usual . . . “Thanks Mom. No rush. Take your time. Love you too. Bye.” I’m thinking . . . there is no way the package will be here on Friday. She and Bill will find something—at the last minute—to tuck into the box and it won’t show up until next week. (They are so cute and I am so lucky.)

Much to my surprise and delight, the boxes arrive Friday afternoon. That’s right, Friday afternoon, just like she said. What’s up with that? We have a routine and here she goes changing it on me.

I brought the packages into my studio, photographed them and gave mom (I just love her.) a call as I began to open them. As I leisurely sorted through the boxes, mom (I just love her.) and I would laugh and talk. She would tell me a little about whatever item I had found and why she has included it.

These conversations are not monumental, but they are the best part of getting a package from mom (I just love her.). Each time I discover something new, it’s like Christmas morning. Each item a gift. Each object a jewel. A box like this is filled with treasure, not the shiny kind, but the emotional kind, because each item gives us a chance to connect and to share. I know these moments are special and I cherish each and every one.

After our talk, I realized that I couldn’t think of any sound in the world that I love to hear more than her laughter. It’s the greatest sound on earth. 

Since I had a blast sharing these treasures with mom (I just love her.), I thought it would be great fun to share them with you too.

For those of you tuning in for the first time, these treasures are from Bill’s mother’s stash.

Fabric from Laverne's Stash

A sampling of the fabric from Laverne's stash.

From the assortment above, I think Laverne (Bill’s mom) had quiet an affection for solid-color fabric. I’m much more of a tone-on-tone kinda guy.

Even though we have different opinions on printed fabric, we definitely agree on color. The more, the better.

Tulle and organza from Laverne's stash

Tulle and flocked organza, Laverne is my kind of quilter.

Laverne and I are a lot alike when it comes to fancy fabric. We both believe that tulle and organza are essentials for every stash.

Assortment of beads_8

Laverne loves pearls and didn't limit herself to white. You go girl!

I’m usually not a big fan of pearls, but after sorting all of this stuff, I”m starting to reconsider that stance. The colors are luscious—but the finish is over the top.

Assortment of beads_15

Laverne's like me. She loves shiny objects.

I love how the light bounces off the beads. The finish is so subtle and luminous. It doesn’t shout at you, but you can’t miss it.

Assortment of beads_6

Yummy. I'm sure I'll find something special to do with these.

Besides an affection for pearls, Laverne fancied gold and silver.

Assortment of beads_10

I love how beautiful the pearls look mounded into a pile.

I’m sorry, I can’t think of a thing to say, other than, WOW! These aren’t real pearls, but they are stunning to look at.

Random beads and shells_7

I love how these embellishments seems to glow from within.

The combination of textures, shapes and finishes stirs my imagination. I love the shells!

Quilting Quotes Book

The package also included a little book on quilting.

Isn’t the cover of this book beautiful? My mom loves quotes and I love quilting, so this is a perfect gift—and a pleasant surprise. It’s not even my birthday.

Quilting Quote Book With Pins

When I said little quilt book, I meant it.

Isn’t this the cutest thing you ever saw? I love it!!!! My mom is so good to me. (I just love her.)

Levi Button Box_5

The buttons in this box came from the Levi factory in Morrilton, AR.

No care package would be complete without buttons. These buttons are from the Levi factory that my mother worked in over 30 years ago. The factory closed in the early 80s.

Levi Button Box_1 (close-up)

These buttons are over 30 years old, but don't look a day over 16.

I love these simple buttons. They are the wallflowers of the apparel industry. Most people think they are boring and uninteresting. I  however, think they are full of potential and loaded with charm. I think I have a crush on them.

Levi Button Box_2

I love these buttons. They are so honest and humble—and oh, so photogenic.

What can I say? They’re buttons. I have to shoot them. I wouldn’t be me if I only posted one shot.

Thanks for indulging me. I’ve had a blast going through the shots again and reflecting on my time with mom (I just love her.). I hope you enjoyed the show. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.