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You’ve Got Mail

June 23, 2011

Fabric Postcards by Nikki

Postcards From The Edge Today’s post is in honor of my friend Nikki, and to celebrate the expansion of her comfort zone.

This year Nikki challenged herself to try new things. She wanted to explore various aspects of quilting and try techniques that would push her out of her comfort zone. By looking at these amazing results, I think you will agree, Nikki has successfully met each and every challenge she set for herself.

Nikki has only been quilting for a short time and typically makes traditional repeat-pattern quilts. That’s why these tiny treasures are significant. They are Nikki’s original designs—and there’s nothing traditional about them. These petite pictorials are fabulous! I’m SO PROUD of her. That’s why I had to share them with you. I just couldn’t help myself.

R.S.V.P. Nikki is shy sometimes—so please feel free to gush over her. She may not appreciate all the attention—but I will.

P.S. Because of her commitment to try new things, my personal and quilting life are forever changed. Thanks Nikki!