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Magic Camera Monday: August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

Magic Camera Monday: Package From Margo Redo

Recently I received a package from my dear friend Margo, in Tennessee.

Over the past few weeks, Margo has been helping her mother-in-law clear out some of her old jewelry. As she was helping go through it, she thought I might enjoy having some of the pieces, so she decided to box them up and send them my way.

I have put off opening the box until I could photograph it, so you could enjoy my surprise at the same time I did.

Well today’s our lucky day, so let’s get started . . .

Magic Camera Monday: Packing Peanuts

Mmmmm . . . these are my favorite kind of peanuts. Every time I see them I get all tingly inside, because I know something special is hiding underneath these little pillows of protection.

When I say something special was hiding beneath, I wasn’t kidding. Just look at all the loveliness I found in the small box.

Magic Camera Monday: Red Jewelry From Margo

These red pieces are luscious and glamourous. They remind me of May West. Simply gorgeous and completely over-the-top.

Magic Camera Monday: Purple Jewelry From Margo

Along with stunning red jewelry, I received a variety of richly colored purple pieces.

Magic Camera Monday:  Green Jewelry From Margo

The luminous teals and greens are to-die-for, but the textures make me weep.

Magic Camera Monday: Black Jewelry From Margo

The black pieces are big, luscious and exotic.

Magic Camera Monday: Dangle Earrings From Margo

The details in these earrings leave me weak. Just look at the patterns on the metal. Simply scrumptious. 

Magic Camera Monday: Gold Jewelry From Margo

The gold pieces are vintage loveliness. Some are chic and trendy, others like the fish earring are oh, so funky and fresh. Sorry, I’m having Solid Gold Dancer flashbacks. 

Magic Camera Monday: Silver Jewelry From Margo

The silver pieces harken to old Hollywood and Deco chic. Yum-my.

This little box was filled with tiny treasures. Yep, they are treasures from Tennessee and I am thrilled to have them become part of my ever-expanding embellishment stash.

Thank you Margo (and your mother-in-law) for this glorious gift. I will treasure it as much as I do our friendship.