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Tri-ed and True in Tri-County

March 7, 2012

2012 Tri-County Quilt Guild Show Opener

Good morning everybody!

The Peeps and I enjoyed another fantastic adventure this past weekend at the Tri-County Quilt Guild Show. This delightful show is put on by the members of the Tri-County Quilt Guild. I can honestly say that the day was fabulousness from start to finish. The weather was glorious, the companionship unequaled and the venue superb. It was definitely a day to remember.

While reveling in the beauty that was on display, I ran into several near and dear friends at the show. This is always an added treat to any quilt show and Peep supported adventure.

It’s a good thing that I was a boy scout in a past life, because I remembered to pack extra hugs for the trip. The extras came in pretty darn handy the first hour or two that I was there. (Hi Karen!, Hi DeNiece! Hi Diane!, Hi Lisa!, Hi Trish!, Hi Carla!, Hi Jackie!) Life is good.

Okay, now where was I? 

Oh yeah . . . I was getting ready to tell you about the photos.

Well it has taken a while, but I have finally gotten all the photos prepped and ready for you to see. I ran into a few technical issues as I was shooting, so I will apologize in advance for the blurry images. The lighting at the venue was great for looking at quilts, but not so great for taking photographs of them. I know there is a setting on the camera to remedy these issues, but I’m not as advanced as the Magic Camera would like me to be.

Oh well, I tried my best and the more I do the better I get. So, in another three to five years you’ll be amazed and astounded by my ability to capture the beauty before me. Until then, we’ll all have to deal with a little bit of blurry from time to time.

I know you are anxious to see the quilts and I’m excited to show them to you. You can get to the album by clicking on the photo above or by clicking here. Enjoy!